welcome to my website! MY NAME IS DANIEL DMOCHOWSKI, I AM CHATTANOOGA TN BASED PHOTOGRAPHER WHO LOVES FOLLOWING HIS PASSION FOR CARS WITH PHOTOGRAPHY. i have OBSESSED about cars and everything fast since before i could even drive, as soon as i bought my first car i began modifying it and trying to go faster and faster. I had been through a couple cars before becoming AUTOMOTIVEly "cultured" by living in germany for several years. I spent my free time at the nurburgring and blasting through mountain roads in europe with my modified WRX. i brought this expanded love of cars and bikes back home to the states, and have had numerous toys since. I started doing photography, like most, after the birth of my daughter. Since then i have focused all of my free time on learning and honing my new skill to be the best automotive photographer i can be. I strive to learn new techniques and continue to push myself to improve. Every client i get is a chance to prove this to someone and to expand my skill.