been a while

Well the busy season is slowly ending this fall, and it has been the most productive year yet. I have had the chance to "rig" some really nice cars and have really come along with my rig technique. Along with these rig session I have been able to get in some portrait photography as well. I love both genres of photography so it's nice to be able to continue to do both. I am looking forward to the cold winter months now to hone some of my skills and work on some personal vehicles to test some new techniques.  

Getting noticed

All of my hard work is starting to get a little attention which is very nice. I have been featured on Lens Distortions blog this month and I have started making the rounds at shows and meets trying to get the word out about my rig shot photography. Everyone seems very interested in it, and this year I have shot more cars than I ever have! Hope to pick up the pace, and attend more events and continue to show off my skills. 

Practice makes perfect! Or better at least...

Well I have been doing as much practice as I can lately and trying to shoot in different environments. Working on seeing what looks best. I just finished up another testing session and learned some important things. One important thing learned was I need to treat these just like I do portraits and watch out for back lighting that is too bright. I cant just use a flash to give the car fill light like I can with portraits. Also learned that shooting in the city is much more difficult than I was expecting, especially trying to get sunset shots on a Friday night! I think a few more testing sessions and I will be good to go for summer. 

Daniel Dmochowski Photography

I created this website to have a place for my automotive photography as it was starting to take over my other website that I originally created for my portrait work. I go by on social media Daniel Dmochowski Photography but my name is hard to remember let alone spell! So if you are also in need of family or portrait photography check ou some of my portfolios at my other Daniel Dmochowski Photography website @

Working on a better way to get the rig shots!

Started work on getting a way to slowly and easily pull the cars during rig shots that will help keep them steady and create a sharper car picture. I came up with a cable and handle that i can attack to either a tow hook off the bumper or attach under the car somewhere. Worked well my first attempt on my new rig shot with the M3 but we slowly started going uphill and it got REALLY hard real fast to pull it. Oh well lessons learned, always make sure you are not pulling a car up a slight incline! Check out my new rig shot in the Rig shot section. 

My RigPro boom arrived!

Well I gave up on trying to engineer a boom myself because of issues i was running into. Picked up a great 20 foot boom from RigPro and had a chance to test it out on a friends old Mercedes. This new boom is so much more stable than my creation allowing me to get much better shots. I also for the first time had the rig out in daylight and got some really great looking pictures with awesome motion blur! Head over to my Rig Shot gallery to see my latest testing, and more to come! 

Further testing

Well I finally got out today and was able to get the DIY boom on a volunteers car. Was able to get some usable shots but ran into issues with the stability of the boom as far as side to side play. The bolts used to connect the pieces was also a big PITA but with no other option for me at my home I am stuck. I will end up just getting a proper boom in the next couple weeks which will make things so much easier. Anyway new pictures are up in my rig shot gallery so check em out!

Diving into rig shot photography

I am starting to get into rig shots for cars. For anyone who is unfamiliar with this form of photography you basically suspend a camera off a boom which is attached to the car via suction cups. You then push the car with the shutter open for 10 seconds or so and it creates a blurred effect and a big sensation of speed and drama. It is a little tricky to master and get the hang of. I have already gone through a set of suction cups I didn't feel were up to the job of supporting thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment over the roof of a car, and now I am currently looking into getting the boom sorted out. I have created a DIY boom from items purchased at a hardware store, but I am not 100% satisfied with this option either. There is a bit of side to side play in the boom that can have an adverse effect on the shot. For the time being I will make due as it still produces great pictures, you just have to be a little more patient. You can see all of my testing pictures in the Rig Shot tab, and see how these are progressing. The more confident I get with it, the more interesting the shots will get. Right now they are very basic just to get the hang of it. Once I am able to consistently get stable shots, I will start doing them with sunset and in better locations. 

Stay tuned to see the progress, this is truly interesting photography for cars. I am really looking forward to giving the client options that are not readily available and always looking to one up my skills!