Diving into rig shot photography

I am starting to get into rig shots for cars. For anyone who is unfamiliar with this form of photography you basically suspend a camera off a boom which is attached to the car via suction cups. You then push the car with the shutter open for 10 seconds or so and it creates a blurred effect and a big sensation of speed and drama. It is a little tricky to master and get the hang of. I have already gone through a set of suction cups I didn't feel were up to the job of supporting thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment over the roof of a car, and now I am currently looking into getting the boom sorted out. I have created a DIY boom from items purchased at a hardware store, but I am not 100% satisfied with this option either. There is a bit of side to side play in the boom that can have an adverse effect on the shot. For the time being I will make due as it still produces great pictures, you just have to be a little more patient. You can see all of my testing pictures in the Rig Shot tab, and see how these are progressing. The more confident I get with it, the more interesting the shots will get. Right now they are very basic just to get the hang of it. Once I am able to consistently get stable shots, I will start doing them with sunset and in better locations. 

Stay tuned to see the progress, this is truly interesting photography for cars. I am really looking forward to giving the client options that are not readily available and always looking to one up my skills!